Shout Outs was a project created for and carried out by sixth-graders at Sabin Elementary School in Chicago, funded by Columbia College's Project AIM. The goal of my residency was to help the kids understand and appreciate all the work that people do for them on a daily basis at their school, particularly the people behind the scenes: janitors, engineers, cooks and security. The students had to draft up their own questions and interview their selected staff member, photograph them candidly working and posing for portraits, and take various color photographs around their workspace. After all the photographic work was done and printed out, the students used their color photographs to collage a frame around their black-and-white portrait that they made. Finally, poet Jenn Morea came in and guided the students in writing praise poems of a sort to honor their chosen staff member. The model poem that Jenn brought in and had the kids read was Sekou Sundiata's "Shout Out". We named our project appropriately after Sundiata's amazing poem.